This was a post Rick’s son Michael made after the accident, but before he passsed. We wanted to share it here, as well.






The name doesn't matter

what matters is what you are to me

and what you were to us

You have been a guiding light

a beacon of truth in a confusing world

at times a needed friend

at times a necessary adversary

But always, without question, a rock

a person we could lean on

a person we could learn from 

a light in our own personal darkness

and now you sit in a darkness of your own

a darkness that I don't know how to guide you out of

a Night into which I don't know how to bring the day


Father, dad, friend


know that you are still needed

we are not ready for you to depart

but if depart you must

know that your memory

your love

your light

and your legacy

will live on

it will live on in each life that you touched

it will live on in each of us that you directed 

in each decision that you effected


Father I can't let you go
I didn't get to let you know
one last time
what your guidance meant to me
I didn't get to share with you how ever decision
every choice
every goal

was measured against the lens you would see it through
was weighed against the measures you gave me
was tested against the truth, which you showed me was absolute


I am not sure how to do this without you 
I am not sure how to move forward 
how to push past the tears 
the worst part is that you have shown through the years 
that you would have the words 
the salve 
the balm 
the healing touch to guide me through this 
Which just means I need you now ever more 
More than before 
more than ever 
I need your guidance 
I need your love 
I need your presence







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