Shawne Retherford-Peterson

December 3, 1952 – January 17, 2021

My mother was such an interesting person. I am not sure, even after 40+ years on the same planet together, I ever fully knew her.

One thing I can say for certain about her, though, is she always functioned best as part of a team. She generally wanted to be in the background, though her team could not function without her.

So was built the relationship between my mother and father. A courtship that started before high school and lasted years, a 12 year relationship, a 20+ year break, and then the last years of their lives together.

Like so many other people in life, I didn’t get to say everything, or even most things, that I wanted to to my mother in life. I know she knew my heart, though. I also know that being memorialized here, having her own little corner of the internet with dad, is how she would want it.

So this is for you mom. I miss you so much. I am sorry this took me so long, I am sorry that we didn’t always get along, I am sorry that our last words were a bit harsh, but know that I love you and hold your memory bright every day.

Mom’s Official Obituary

Shawne Retherford-Peterson, age 68, of Deer Lodge, Montana, passed away on January 17, 2021.

Services are pending at this time and will be announced when set.

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Kind words from a friend; thank you Kim and Rick!

Dear Shawne, we so enjoyed your sense of humor and caring ways; I’ll remember how much you loved to worship your Lord and pray, having the faith of a child, which Jesus said was priceless! We got such a kick out of playing cribbage with you. We are so thankful to have known you. Ambure and Logan did such a special work of love caring for you. We will miss you and anticipate seeing and being with you again in God’s Heaven! Love you, Kim & Rick