Passing months and fleeting years

       Spawn memories fogged by time and tears

            'Till youth is but a faceless mask

                   Worn carelessly by those whose task

Is bringing sustance from a world that on this earth their forefathers engraved


In younger times the seeds 'twere sown

       Now are loosed to rear their own

            A cauldron teems with child and friend

                   Makes life seem tho ''twill never end

So those that gave them breath and breast are put aside for later days


Nowdays I hide from evenings chill

       Reflecting on the days that will

            Be long recalled if only by

                   Those that failed, tho they tried

To quell unseemly deeds of haste and keep their foolish pride at bay


Bustling streets and busy malls

       Seem distant from behind these walls

            Rarely do I venture out

                   To weave among the thronging crowds

Of moms and dads of babes and teens desperate to escape their maze


I sit instead 'mongst fragrent blooms

       Seeking solice from scattered runes

            Pleasures wrought by simple things

                   Sunsets, clouds, children singing

An evening's breeze that blows a subtle hint of each days tale


Wisdoms borne of history's dawns

       Are passed from fathers to their sons

            Mothers teach their daughters well

                   What each will need their own to tell

Then finally strife and toil are done and they retire to their graves